5 Colors That Are Trending Fall 2020

In our blog post from last week we touched on two colors that are really having their moment this fall. We thought we'd take a look further into what colors are trending this fall season. We'll be using the Pantone color system as we discuss the shades that are everywhere this season. 


What do we mean by Blues? Well the standard shade of blue is being seen in spin off shades like navy, light denim, and strong royal blue. In addition to bottoms, we've seen the colors show up in dresses and hoodies. Sweaters are featuring royal blue details and including navy as an all over color.

These Pantone colors are the blues that are not only showing up in clothing but also home decor, art, and graphic design.





Red can be a tricky color for most people to pull off well but it's so bold and full of power that when you do it with confidence, your whole attitude for the day can be set in the right direction. A firm bold lipstick red isn't the color we're referring to this season though, it's a couple shades that are both more muted and also lend themselves towards a more orange yellow undertone. 

The muted reds also called Burgundy, Wine, Merlot, are some of my favorites. You'll see them in cardigans and tops, hats, and even mixed in with tie dye pieces. 

These Pantone colors highlight the various shades of red that are taking over our sweaters this season.





Bring out the greens! You'll notice these colors have an overall earthy feel to them and so the shades of green we're looking at just seem to make sense. You'l notice these colors in outerwear, lounge wear, and even graphic tees.

The Military Olive & Celery colors listed from Pantone are giving us major feels.




When we talk about browns we're going to include what most of us consider to be neutrals. Think cremes, tans, peaches with brown undertones. While you'll probably see these in bottoms I specifically love these colors in skirts, sweaters, jackets, and hats. 

Autumn brings on these colors naturally and Pantone has listed them in a clear way so it's easy to add them into your outfit choices.




Can we all agree that orange is a super hard color to work with? Whether it's clothing or home decor, orange is just difficult. So while orange is listed as the fifth color, it's really shades of orange that we're looking at. 

When you combine these shades or oranges with the blues mentioned above and the olive green tones, you can create a really interesting and put together look. We're seeing these trends not only in clothing but graphic design aesthetics as well.




These earthy and natural tones are taking over and will keep us warm as we head into the chill of autumn and beginning of winter. Although, winter 2021 is sure to bring us some new favorites. What do you think they'll be?

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