Giving Tuesday: You Can Make an Impact


After a weekend of meals celebrating gratitude and Christmas preparations, today is what has become known as Giving Tuesday.

As you consider which organizations will receive your gift, I ask you to consider A21As you may know, High Tide Exchange is committed to donating a percentage of each purchase to A21, a non profit founded by Christine Caine. This organization has locations all over the world as they work to end modern day slavery everywhere, forever. You can read more about my "why" here.

This week A21 celebrates that since March, over 60 survivors in their care have found employment! This is an important step towards independence- providing them with the opportunity to earn income, cultivate skills, and restore hope in a brighter future.

Today, gifts that A21 receives will be doubled up to $130,000! Your generosity can be doubled and make a real impact on the world around us. I encourage you to follow them on Facebook and Instagram so that you can stay celebrate with them as they continue to reach, rescue, and restore victims of human trafficking and modern day slavery. Together, we can end it.


To Make a Gift Visit:

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