3 Top Fall 2020 Fashion Trends

Fashion week may have been a little different in 2020 but we still got to see the newest items displaying the trends that will take us through the fall and into the winter. While there's way more than three, we thought we'd bring you the top three that we keep seeing. Trust us, these will be around for awhile.


1. Colors: Marigold and Rust

Marigold and rust are the colors of the season. You may hear them under different titles like mustard, wine, burgundy, burnt orange, and sunflower. The colors are being used in statement pieces like sweaters, cardigans, dresses, and even pants. Not sure you have a marigold dress hanging in your closet? Don't worry, we have your back. 


Check out The Drawstring Dress listed at $39 

drawstring dress shown in marigold





2. Oversized Clothing

It's not necessarily a baggy look but the look we're talking about is "oversized". Getting a sweater where the sleeves hang a little long. A hoodie that you can move around in. A jacket that is a little big so you can layer underneath. The oversized look isn't going away any time soon. And with all the work from home and quarantine living we've all been doing, we're glad.


Check out the Dolman Crochet Sweater listed at $53

3. Drawstring Details

Clothing that featured drawstring details were everywhere at fashion week. If you search cosmopolitan.com you'll see what I'm saying. From elastic waist paints to cinching sleeves, drawstrings were a constant. The details can make or break an item and seriously, could it get better than drawstrings? Comfort is taking over the industry in a big way and it's time to ride this wave before it's gone. Not sure how you feel having drawstrings all over your sleeves? That's ok, start small with elastic waist joggers that fit just right.


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